The only Camels Hump TMSBK Dead Zoo Collection

Deaths continue to occur in animals Wildlife Park Zoo and Cultural Kinantan ( TMSBK ) in Bukittinggi , West Sumatra . Yesterday afternoon , seokor camel hump found helpless in the cage and then die .

The animals named Joko is the only one hump camel TMSBK collection . The death of 28 -year -old desert animals allegedly suffered because of diarrheal diseases since last month .

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TMSBK animal health staff from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Bukittinggi , Nola Mayasari , explaining , for the animals sick , healing efforts already made ​​, namely by injecting drugs and vitamins .

In fact according to him , his condition had improved Joko , so he did not think the animal finally dead . ” The appetite has increased , but maybe because it was raining on Monday night , the next she could no longer stand , ” said Nola .

Two hours ahead of his death , continued Nola , Joko had received medical treatment . He was given an injection and medication through an IV . ” Once found to be weak in the cage , Joko directly into our care . Two hours later, around 11:00 pm , he was dead , ” he added .

According to Nola , diarrheal disease that Joko suffered not only due to weather factors . Another factor is the form of food or boiled peanuts roasted peanuts are often given by penunjung zoo . The food is not suitable , because so far only given Joko dedauan and tubers .

To ascertain the cause of death , the officer will perform surgical TMSBK carcass . Organs of the camel’s body was then sent to the Center for Veterinary Laboratory in Baso , Agam District , while the carcasses will be buried . Laboratory results will only be known approximately one month to the next .

Since transferred from Yogyakarta Gembiraloka Zoo a few years ago , the fate of Joko is not so good . Business TMSBK several times trying mengawinsilang camel with camel in Sawahlunto , but to no avail . Each spawned as a result of interbreeding , child camel always die .

The death of a camel hump it automatically makes the collection of animals in Zoo TMSBK be 576 minus one tail .


Hadi Purnomo grant BCA Objection Day Before Maturity

BPK Chairman Hadi Purnomo 2002-2004 as the Director General of Taxation to grant allegedly paid tax objection filed by PT Bank Central Asia the day before the due date for the Taxation Office to convey the decision of the appeal .

Thus , there is not enough time or opportunity again for the Directorate of Income Tax (VAT ) to provide a response to the decision as the Director General of Taxation Hadi delivered through the memos because the decision was announced one day before the deadline .

" So , the time given to the director had no income tax . Though no time should be given so that the director of Income Tax as the official reviewers could provide a response to the conclusions made Director General of Taxation . , But is not given more chances are created when different conclusions Directorate of Income Tax in contrast to the conclusions made director general of taxes , " KPK chairman Abraham Samad said in announcing the establishment of Hadi as the suspect on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

In fact , as applicable, the decision of the appeal of the tax should be taken under consideration a thorough , precise , meticulous and thorough nature . Hadi should give a grace period to the Director of Income Tax to express a different opinion .

Decision of the Director General of Taxation Hadi as the Bank ‘s objection contrary to the results of the study carried out over the objections of the Directorate of Income Tax BCA . The results of the study concluded that the Directorate of Income Tax BCA objection must be rejected .

Conclusion is presented to the Director of Income Tax Hadi introductory treatise objection by letter on March 13, 2004 . However Hadi ordered the Director of Income Tax to alter the conclusions .

" He ( Hadi ) requested the Director of Income Tax officials as the reviewers through the memos , asking to change the conclusions of the results of BCA telaahaan taxpayer who originally rejected , was changed to accept the whole mind . ‘s Where the role of the Director General of Taxation HP brothers , " said Abraham .

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In addition , Hadi considered ignoring the fact that the same material was also filed objections a number of other banks and decided rejected . Hadi ‘s top act , the state allegedly suffered loss of Rp 375 billion . The calculation of the loss comes from the potential state taxes that should be paid by the Bank .


In 5 Years , RI Debt Up 52.31 %

JAKARTA - The Indonesian government ‘s total debt at the end of March 2014 stood at Rp2.422 , 87 trillion . This figure declined approximately Rp 5 , 76 trillion debt position in the previous month to reach Rp2.428 , 63 trillion .

The loan is still dominated by state securities ( SBN ) which reaches Rp1.750 , 70 trillion . This amount is equivalent to 71.6 percent of the total debt . Similarly, as quoted from the written statement of the Directorate General of Debt Management, Ministry of Finance , on Wednesday ( 03/19/2014 ) .

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The majority of Euro -denominated government securities , which amounted to Rp1.341 , 78 trillion, or 54.5 percent , an increase of approximately Rp30 , 31 trillion from the previous month . While foreign currency denominated recorded Rp408 , 92 trillion, or 17.6 percent .

The rest of the government debt comes from foreign loans worth Rp669 , 89 trillion . This amount is equivalent to 28.3 percent of total government debt .

The external debt of the country, come from bilateral loans seebesar Rp362 , 82 trillion , amounting multilateral Rp267 , 02 trillion , commercial Rp39 , 75 trillion and Rp 300 billion supliers . While the rest , comes from domestic loans , amounting to Rp2 , 28 trillion , up from the previous month , or the equivalent of 0.1 percent .

Thus , in the last five years (year - to-month ) , government debt has increased by Rp832 , 21 trillion, equivalent to 52.31 per cent . The government ‘s debt position 2009 which Rp1.590 , 66 trillion . ( MRT )


The Oppressed and Afflicted Remember the Good Friday in Rome

Migrants desperate , failed businessman who committed suicide , the victims of persecution , torture victims and all those who suffer in this world is a major concern in the Good Friday celebration led by Pope Francis at the Colosseum , Rome , on Friday . With head bowed and eyes closed , with people listening to the Pope read musings on historic sites located in the center of Rome .

One of the reflections that are read by the Italian actress Virna Lisi contains about the suffering of children who become soldiers armed . Other Reflections containing the story of migrants to risk death to reach the shoreline affluent countries , women and children who are victims of human trafficking and prisoners languishing in overcrowded prisons .

In addition , another reflection also picked up the story of children whose health may be at risk due to the disposal of toxic waste in their environment , especially agricultural land near Naples , by companies irresponsible in Italy .

Theme of these reflections is a 77 -year -old pope effort was to focus attention on the Catholic Church those who suffer and are oppressed and marginalized communities . This is also reflected in a number of activities in the first year he served as Pope . His first pilgrimage outside Rome , Pope Francis visited the small island near Sicily where thousands of migrants arriving by boat stow .

Towards the end of the Good Friday Mass , Pope Francis revealed that the cross is a symbol of the severity of human sin .

" The bad man is the time to let himself be guided by the crime , " said the Pope who wore a white coat outside his white robe .

Pope also revealed that the love, mercy and forgiveness will always bring hope . He then ended the reflection with a prayer that mankind wants to admit his sin could find hope .

"Everyone who wants to leave dosalnya under heavy cross will find the strength of an expectation , " he said then gave thanks .

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Meanwhile , outside the Colosseum and along the main roads are wide , tens of thousands of people , tourists and citizens of Rome follows the reflections together . They stood holding prayer books and candles . They are also expected to attend the Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square that also will be led by Francis Pope of the Vatican .


Considered Poor , It ‘s Tourism Ads Removed from YouTube

Creative ideas continue poured to create a tourism ad that meggoda tourists . But what if an official ad made ​​with very poor country ? as happened in one of the videos of the Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) .

In the video, a man and a woman is said to have a romantic relationship . They were on vacation to some destinations in Singapore , such as the Marina Bay Sands and have fun at the Supertrees Grove .

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While enjoying the evening , they also exchange gifts . The man gave a beautiful ring , while his wife shows a box containing a pregnancy test with a positive result . The man was shocked and said : ” Singapore always had a surprise waiting for me . “

Outside the pregnant stories , videos considered to have a bad script and sound that is not good . This then invites the criticism that in the end , STB remove the video.
In response to this problem , the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Industry STB , Oliver Chong said the ad was made to lure tourists Philippines to Singapore . Content was adjusted to the people of these countries .
Chong then heartened to receive negative comments and admitted through the virtual world that the STB can not do well . Although the STB has been removed from your account , this video can still be seen because there are those who also upload them to YouTube . ( eh )


Try Tizen, Samsung Brave Release Android?

Samsung did not want to always rely on Google’s Android operating system . South Korean companies that develop Tizen operating system , but until now never Tizen -based phones are introduced into the market .

The launch of Tizen has experienced a series of delays . Moreover, Samsung has agreed to cross-license agreement with Google that assessed a number of parties is Google’s attempt to ” lock in motion ” Samsung in the Android ecosystem .

Senior Vice President Product Strategy Samsung , Yoon Han - kil said it has tried to sell Tizen phones through cooperation with telecom operators . However , current market conditions are considered not allow Tizen debut program that uses core ( kernel ) Linux .

" We have tried to start ( Tizen ) with DoCoMo and Orange … but could not because the market conditions were not good . We have changed our strategy and will release a phone in some countries where we can do well , " he said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

According to the plan , Samsung will launch at least two Tizen phones at the end of the second quarter 2014. A model for the premium segment , and one more model for the mid-market to boost volume growth .

To be a successful platform , Yoon hope Tizen phones should reach the target of 15 percent of the total shipments of smart phones Samsung .

Tizen Samsung has adopted the two products for smart watches , namely Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo . The move marks the debut of Tizen on smart devices that can be used in the human body ( wearable device) . In fact , smart watches Samsung’s first generation Galaxy Gear , using the Android operating system .

Google and Samsung today as very close allies , but to compete in terms of the development of the platform . However, Yoon admitted that Android is still ” their main business ” and therefore watches Samsung will release the latest Android-based smart at the end of 2014 .

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Smart phones and Samsung’s flagship tablet is still using Android . The company plans to release the latest Galaxy Note in the second half of 2014.


Jokowi Request Input from the Editor in Chief

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo , asking for input about the presidential election and the nation’s problems to a number of mass media chief editors .

" Not a problem Jokowi , yes , but the problem of constructing the nation and our state is like, " said Jokowi before meeting in Horapa Restaurant , Jalan Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night .

Observation , Jokowi wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants came with his team at around 19:20 pm . A number of chief editor of various mass media Jokowi welcome in the seafood restaurant . Editor in Chief in attendance included Mochtar Nurjaman of SCTV and Indosiar , Timbo Siahaan from JakTV , Don Bosco Selamun of News One TV , Rikard Bagun from Kompas daily , Primus Dorimulu of Voice Reform , Arif Budisusilo Bisnis Indonesia , Usman Kansong from Media Indonesia , Nasihin Masha from Reuters , and others .

Initial open meeting atmosphere was quite warm . Guided by Nurjaman , he informed the meeting Jokowi that coincides with the birthday of two Chief Editor , namely Usman and Nasihin . Inflatable celebration candle into the opening ceremony of the meeting .

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Until around 20:17 pm , open meeting took place is still in progress . The meeting is filled with active dialogue between Jokowi and the Chief Editor . Many of the questions that came out of the Chief Editor . Jokowi was answered smoothly .


Malware attacks haunt Start Windows XP Users

As predicted earlier, after no longer supported by Microsoft per 8 April 2014 yesterday, now the PC users who still adopt the Windows XP start facing various types of cyber attacks.

According to the page reported by the Telegraph, Monday (14/04/2014), crowded lately sprung software update for Windows XP on various video sites YouTube. But beware, the article of the software update is a trap. If a video link is clicked, the user will immediately menmpilkan PC digital advertising display. And the danger, the PC will automatically download the file contains a virus or malware.

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Besides via YouTube, the observation also indicates the number of modes of cyber crime targeting the users of Windows XP by asking survey contains various personal data. Later that personal data will be used to send spam attacks on the user’s PC.

Older operating systems Windows XP itself per 8 April 2014 has been officially declared yesterday ‘expiry’ by Microsoft. The world’s largest software maker was urged users to immediately update to the newer operating systems, namely Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

But according to data owned by Net Market Share, until March 2014 last month, the number of users a PC operating system that was 13 years in various parts of the world are still detected quite massive. It is estimated that the operating system has been in operation since 2001 ago it still controls 27.69% market share of the global PC operating system.

The largest concentration of users of Windows XP itself is suppose to be in the region of Asia. According to the page reported by Softpedia, Windows XP still has a large enough user base in South Korea. Revealed about 18% of all PC’s in South Korea runs on top of Windows XP.

StatCounter previous survey results also showed that Windows XP is still used by more than 50%, or almost exactly 60% of computer users in China. While in North Korea, Windows XP is still adopted by 60.44% of the total of all PC users.


Co Pilot Had Called When MH370 Aircraft on way to Malaysia

New facts re- emerged a month after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost . Known , copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid had made ​​a call on his cell phone .

This is done Fariq when MH370 flew low over the west coast of Malaysia . Investigators believe that there was a phone call from Fariq Abdul Hamid .

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However , the call is ended abrupty aka Fariq just disconnected . Fariq attempted communication was known to do from the telecommunications sub- station in the state of Penang .
However, until now unknown reasons Fariq make calls from the cell phone .

" Why call disconnected , it may be because the plane was moving rapidly away from the tower and not under the scope of the next signal , " said one source quoted by the Daily Mail , Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

The source also been established that the last communication Fariq WhatsApp Messenger is through the application and that it was made ​​at about 23:30 on March 7 , shortly before he boarded the plane for the six -hour flight to Beijing .


MH370 Like a fighter jet maneuver to Avoid Radar

KUALA LUMPUR - There is endless speculation about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 loss . Investigators believe that the aircraft maneuver like a fighter jet to turn around to avoid radar .

" Cause a drastic maneuver aircraft quickly turn directions from a height of 45 thousand feet to below five thousand feet . It is believed that it was done on purpose because they want to intentionally disappear , " said an investigator , as quoted by the Mirror on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

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The plane disappeared on March 8, 2014 ago , is believed to be increased to 10 thousand higher than normal altitude of approximately 35 thousand feet . It was after some time the plane lost contact with the airport control tower .

When the search process is still ongoing in the Indian Ocean , investigators believe that the Malaysian military aircraft maneuvering to avoid radar detection .

" The aircraft was flown in a very low altitude high speed yet . Aircraft was flown to evade radar , " said a source who follows the investigation process .

Earlier it was reported also that the co - pilot of the plane on Malaysia Airlines MH370 Fariq Abdul Hamid connect phone before the plane was reported missing . telephone connection that occurs when reported low flying aircraft near penang area .

However, this is disputed by acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein . He insists , he should be aware of this previously , if the claim was true .

Hishammuddin reiterated not to confirm anything without proof or verification since the beginning when the flight MH370 was reported missing . He also said the claim was not responsible and take the opportunity to make baseless statements .

Search team , continued Hishammuddin , has received various indicators in the South China Sea , through satellite imagery by China , claims the invention of the safety jacket and the oil spill from the ship , which makes the search and rescue expanded into the South China Sea , Andaman Sea , and is now in the southern ocean Indies .

Boeing 777 - 200ER belonging to Malaysia Airlines reported falls on March 8, 2014 last . The plane carrying 239 passengers when it declared missing after taking off from Kuala Lumpur to destinations Beijing , China .