Eid in Some Countries

idul fitri in Some Countries

In addition to celebrating the victory after fasting, the tradition of friendship, going home, and a family gathering makes us miss the atmosphere of the holiday. Plus a variety of foods typical of Eid, such as diamond and opportunistic, the more complete our celebration deh.
Like what, yes Eid celebrations in other countries?

In Turkey, Eid is also called Bayram. Sungkeman Turkish tradition done by younger people kissing their right hand older, and placing it on their forehead, while saying hello Baryam. The little boy was ‘harvest candy’, because it was distributed various typical sweets such as Baklava and Lokum, also brown.

On the day Eideh Fitr (Eid designation), the person who is able to give money, meat, or Ghorbani (food is expensive in Iran) for families who do not afford. Typical food for the feast is Chello kebab, satay served with a type of white rice, grilled tomatoes, salad, and yogurt.

Eid celebrations there is really festive, even looks like a party. At night takbiran (which they call the Chand Raat), in addition to wearing new clothes, the teenage girls and decorate their hands and feet with henna. It is equipped with the carnival festivities and fireworks.

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There are several regions in China, the majority of the population is Muslim, like in Xinjiang. When Eid, they celebrate by gathering in a big field. There they went to the bazaar, singing, and dancing.


BBM Windows Phone Arriving in July

BBM Windows Phone Arriving in July

Good news comes to the smartphone user windows based phone, because even planning on releasing the Blackberry BBM applications and services on Windows Phone in July.

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As expressed by BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, who asserted that the fuel for the Windows Phone platform will be released in July, as reported by Ubergizmo.

But Chen did not mention the date of the pastunya in July, but many predict promiscuous chat application BlackBerry will arrive towards the end of July. Therefore for Windows Phone users please be patient, because the fuel will arrive at your smartphone.

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The emergence of fuel in the Windows Phone allegedly an attempt to increase the number of BlackBerry users current fuel as previously disclosed that with the advent of fuel in the Windows Phone platforms, the estimated fuel users will continue to increase to 100 million active users per month.


YouTube Video Services Acquisitions Twitch

YouTube Video Services Acquisitions Twitch

YouTube reportedly bought the company live-streaming video service , Twitch . This requires the acquisition of YouTube poured $ 1 billion cost .

Reported TechSpot , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) , according to sources close Variety of websites , YouTube is now in the stage of a deal that made ​​the company spend $ 1 billion in cash .

The deal is expected to be announced officially in the near future . Reportedly , $ 1 billion is the largest amount ever issued since YouTube is a free video sharing service purchased by Google in 2006 .

Twitch is a website that delivers video content live - streaming video games and e - sports . This website recorded 45 million monthly users and more than one million video uploader .

By utilizing Twitch , so gamers Xbox and PlayStation 4 One can be helped to demonstrate their abilities in the game . Players can show off skills in playing the game and watched online via Twitch .

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YouTube alone currently has live- streaming service , but considered not as successful as Twitch . By purchasing Twitch , YouTube is expected to strengthen its video services portfolio .


Sutiyoso and Figures 15-15-15

DPP Chairman PKPI Sutiyoso claimed to have a unique story sad at the same time with the number 15 . Sutiyoso tell it when attending the Second National Meeting Nasdem Party at Hotel Mercure , Ancol , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

Sutiyoso present to give a speech at a meeting readiness - winning pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla . In addition Sutiyoso attended DPP Chairman Surya Paloh Nasdem Party , Chairman of Megawati PDIP , PKB chairman Muhaimin Iskandar DPP and DPP Chairman Hanura Wiranto .

Sutiyoso be the fourth speaker after Wiranto . He also joked about Wiranto, who had been his superiors in the military . ” I should not say more than my boss , ” he said .

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Later , he said that the party is actually not new in the world of party politics . He asserted that his party had 15 years of existence in the world of Indonesian politics . However , the party that stands on January 15, 1999 it was apparently still can not beat the pesaingya .

In fact , in this election , PKPI had to hand his coalition colleagues , Nasdem Party , which is able to achieve six percent of the vote in the legislative elections of 2014. ” In this election year , we get a sequence number 15 . I think it can bring good luck , but it was not bring good luck , ” he said .


How Capital Moves is a Coward

Observers say political communication Tjipta Lesmana , the nation’s capital should not be moved just because of congestion issues unresolved .

He also thinks the plan is a plan for the transfer of the capital from the cowards who tried to run away from the problem .

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" The concept is not moving the capital . To me this concept coward . Loud I opposes . If there are problems , we must have the courage to face it . When the capital was moved to run away from the problem , " said Tjipta the event " Together perched Kompasiana PT JM " , in Kuningan City , Jakarta , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

According Tjipta , rather than moving the capital , better supporting the central government of DKI Jakarta provincial government . One way is to limit the number of private vehicles .

Not only that , he also called for accelerated development of various modes of transport are diverse . One of them is to accelerate the development of the current monorail project never started . The project is constrained because it does not yet signatories cooperation agreement between the city government and PT Jakarta Monorail ( JM ) .

" MRT nice , nice busway , monorail is also good . Question basically is , we do not need a monorail what ? If from me , so it took the monorail for Jakarta congestion that exists today is very crazy at all , " he said .


Rusty Bus Case, Former Member Jokowi Timses Examined

Attorney General’s investigation of the examination schedule an entrepreneur named Michael Ben Putranto . Ben is a former member of the successful team Joko Widodo while in Solo, Central Java .

Head of the Legal Information Center AGO , Setia said Arimulasi Fortunately , Ben was examined as a witness in a case of alleged corruption procurement project TransJakarta busway and integrated city bus ( BKTB ) at the Jakarta Transportation Agency Fiscal Year 2013 valued at Rp 1.5 trillion .

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" Examination of Michael Ben Putranto , private , alleged TPK TransJakarta Bus FY 2013 , " Lucky said through a statement received reporters on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

As reported , the Attorney General has determined four suspects in this case , namely former Jakarta Kadishub Udar Pristono ; Director of the Center for Technology and Transportation Systems at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology ( BPPT ) ; Adhyaksa degrees as Commitment Procurement Officer bus from Jakarta Transportation Agency ; Setyo Tuhu and as Chairman of the Committee for Procurement of Goods / Services .


It promises Jokowi-JK on human rights

Presidential candidate pair Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and his running mate Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) program offers loading materials on Human Rights ( HAM ) in the general education curriculum . The couple also promised to resolve past human rights issues and revise the Law on Military Justice .

It was stated in the vision - mission Jokowi JK contained in the registration document and vice presidential spouse uploaded to the National Election Commission website www.kpu.go.id.

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In the vision of the mission as much as 41 pages , Jokowi - JK states need to include the charge of human rights in the general education curriculum in elementary schools and junior high schools , as well as in the curricula of the state apparatus such as the military and police .

For handling human rights cases of the past , one of the main points of the 42 priority policy enforcement , the couple is committed to complete the May riots case , Trisakti , Semanggi 1 and 2 , Enforced Disappearances , Talang Sari - Lampung , Tanjung Priok , and the 1965 tragedy . Explained , cases of past human rights remains a political burden for Indonesia .

Other programs set out in this point , the revised Law on Military Justice which in the past was rated as one source of human rights violations . This has become one of the efforts to eliminate all forms of impunity within the national legal system .

In addition , there is also a commitment that carried the couple ‘s four political parties to remove regulations that could potentially violate the human rights of vulnerable groups , including women , children , indigenous peoples , and persons with disabilities .

In addition , to guarantee the protection and rights of religious freedom and bekeyakinan and take legal action against the perpetrators of violence in the name of religion . Priority handling of cases of sexual abuse of women and children is also listed in these points .

On the side of foreign cooperation , the couple said they would fight for respect for human rights in the ASEAN countries to be implemented according to the agreement signed in the ASEAN charter .


Car Hit by Motorcycle riders Claiming Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi

Tasma Rosyid ( 44 ) , construction workers who are also motorcyclists ELW 6200 Yamaha Vega B , claimed his motorcycle was hit by a car Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail , when he was in a straight line . He denied that he hit the official car Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail in Jalan Justice , Jewel Mas , Depok , on Monday ( 5/12/2014 ) ago .

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" It is not true that I was a bump . Were instead I was hit from behind . Initially I ‘ve seen there is one motor BM pass , after that I was hit from behind at the car , " said Tasma while undergoing outpatient hospital Depok , Monday ( 19 / 5/2014 ) .

As a result of the accident suffered serious injuries in Tasma toes and chest so that undergo outpatient .

According Tasma , when his motorcycle events entered into the official car under Depok Mayor .

" As I fell sideways bounce . Aware and I still did not pass out , then, " said Tasma .

Tasma ensure , before being hit , he walked very slowly because of past public transportation stops in front of him . After passing through public transportation , police motorcycle then passed patwal BM .

" But there is a car that hit me . From people I know that car Depok Mayor , " he said .


Do not Ignore These 5 Symptoms Medical

Although we do not have medicine , but the body actually has a special signal that will tell us of health problems . Unfortunately, our body signals is usually ignored .

" The body will send signals in the form of specific symptoms or signs to warn us of possible danger . Indeed most of these symptoms will not develop into serious , " said Neil Shulman , one of the doctors who wrote the book Your Body ‘s Red Light Warning Signals .

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One example is the body’s signal that is transmitted headache , this is the impact of stress , the eyes are too tense , lack of sleep , dehydration , lack of caffeine , and so forth .

However, there are some medical symptoms that should not be ignored and immediately seek medical help .

1 . Paralyzed in an arm or leg , tingling , numbness , confusion , double vision , slurred speech , difficulty finding words, and weakness , especially on one part of the body or face .

These are symptoms of a stroke or ” brain attack ” . This condition occurs because the oxygen supply to the brain is blocked or ruptured blood vessel so that the portion of the brain tissue to die .

The symptoms differ depending on the area of the brain is hit . If the large blood vessels are clogged , that extensive areas of the body that will be affected person will experience paralysis on one part of the body and loss of functions , such as speech disorders . If the small blood vessels are clogged , the paralysis is usually confined to the arms or legs , or it could be on the face .

2 . Chest pain or discomfort ; pain in the arms , jaw , or neck ; cold sweat ; suddenly weak ; nausea ; vomiting ; or shortness of breath .

These are symptoms of a heart attack . If you experience these symptoms immediately to the hospital . For first aid , you can chew an aspirin to prevent damage to the heart muscle during a heart attack .

Not all people who have a heart attack chest pain . Some people , especially those who are diabetic and elderly women , it does not feel any pain or numbness .

3 . Sense weak and pain in the lower legs , chest pain , shortness of breath , or coughing up blood .

These are symptoms of blood clots in the legs , especially after sitting for a long time . These symptoms are also experienced by patients who lie down shortly after surgery . If you suddenly feel chest pain or shortness of breath , small pieces of blood clot may have broken and the blood vessels leading to the lungs . It is a life-threatening condition .

4 . The Blood in the urine without pain

Whenever you see blood in the urine , consult your doctor immediately , even though you do not feel pain . Kidney stones or urinary tract and prostate infections are a common cause of blood in the urine . Other diseases are often characterized by blood in the urine is a cancer of the kidney or urinary tract cancers around .

5 . Worsening asthma symptoms

An asthma attack is characterized by difficulty breathing and coughing wheezing . When these attacks are not improving or getting worse , get to the doctor . If neglected can trigger an asthma attack damage to chest muscles .


Subway in New York Drops , 19 People Injured

A subway in New York City , United States plummeted while speeding to carry 1,000 passengers . The incident injured 19 people , including four victims who suffered serious injuries .

As reported by AFP on Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) , this incident occurred on Friday ( 2/5 ) at around 10:30 local time when the subway in the middle of the oncoming lane tunnel F , which is in the area of Queens .

The passengers were surprised and trapped in the tunnel immediately evacuated with the help of firefighters and other emergency rescue teams . Local television footage showed , how the passengers were escorted to walk on the edge to get out of the tunnel .

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The incident sparked a large enough disturbance for the subway system is the busiest in the world .

The cause of the drop in the subway is still not known for sure . However, it is known that six carriages of a total of eight train cars derailed . Rail train derailment incident of this kind occurred relatively infrequently in the subways of New York .

New York has one of the largest public transport systems in the world , with the number of passengers reached 5.5 million people every day .